To make your holiday even more unique we offer a range of convenient all-inclusive deals to help you enjoy the beauty of Lake Maggiore by boat and Vespa moped.

Half-day boat + half-day pool

Fun days: a lovely boat tour in the morning followed by an afternoon by the pool of Hotel Ghiffa!

€120 + €12 per person

5h Vespa moped + Half-day pool

The morning bird catches the worm! Set off to discover the Vco on your Vespa! And in the afternoon? relax at Hotel Ghiffa.

€50 + €12 per person

Half-day boat + 5h Vespa moped

Have you ever seen the Castles of Cannero in the morning light? A unique experience. And end the day on a sweet note with a tour on your Vespa.

150 €

1 day boat + 1 day Vespa moped

If you choose the “Boat + Vespa” deals, you are free to choose when to use each means of transport (for example: boat on Saturday, Vespa on Sunday).

275 €

1 day Vespa moped + dinner

Spend a whole day on your Living Lake Vespa and enjoy a delicious dinner in good company.

55 € + 35 € per person

Apéritif on board

with petrol
+ A bottle of wine or champagne +
Savoury pastries.

135 €

Morning boat + Lunch

Enjoy the luxury of a morning boat trip and a delicious lunch served in the middle of the lake on a boat from the Living Lake fleet.

100 € + 27 € per person

Afternoon boat + Apéritif

Do you love the happy hour? Treat yourself to an unforgettable sunset apéritif on the lake.

130 € + 10 € per person

Afternoon boat + Dinner

A relaxing afternoon on board and a romantic dinner served right on the lake. What else?

120 € + 30 € per person

Afternoon boat + Dinner

Spend a day on the boat and finish it off with a delicious dinner on board.

210 € + 30 per person